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Please do not arrive early or late to your appointment as we have extra cleaning regime in place between each appointments. You are most welcome to bring your own face mask, as we will not supply one. Also bring your own water bottle as we have removed our water dispenser and will not be offering any. We are adhering to the guidelines of Ministry of Health.

Clinic Options (Home visits are currently suspended due to Covid-19) : Massage

Clinic Massage

$86.25 60 mins

Clinic Massage

$120.75 90 mins

Clinic Massage

$155.25 120 mins

Myofascial Release Therapy/Micro Fascial Unwinding

First Time Myofascial Release Treatment

$92 90 mins

Microfascial Release/Micro Fascial Unwinding

$92 60 mins

Microfascial Release/Micro Fascial Unwinding

$126.50 90 mins

Workplace & Office Massage

On-site Massage Service

120 mins

On-site Massage Service

180 mins

On-site Massage Service

360 mins

Clinic Massage Special. 3x60min sessions $224.25 (Upfront)

Massage 3 x 60 min sessions

$224.25 60 mins

Clinic Option: Dry Needling

Dry Needling

$57.50 30 mins

Michele's Bliss Massage

Focus On You Bliss Massage

$207 120 mins

Michele's Hot Stones Therapy

Hot Stones

$103.50 60 mins

Hot Stones

$138 90 mins