Massage In Studio

Pelvic Floor Therapy
These sessions utilize my years of experience as a midwife and advanced training in treating the pelvic floor muscles internally. The work is incredibly helpful for those experiencing persistent pain in the low back, hips, pelvis and tail bone as well as incontinence, prolapse, and heavy pelvic sensations. Safe in pregnancy with no complications as well as postpartum and beyond. Many people experience symptoms of pelvic floor imbalance even if they have never been pregnant. *Must book a 90 minute session if this is your first pelvic care appointment to allow for evaluation, check in and treatment plan conversation. (cost reflects the discount for payment at time of service)
60 minute session
60 minutes is great for regular maintenance sessions. I recommend monthly unless your experiencing a more acute injury. Each session is customized to address specific trouble spots, release adhesions and restrictions in the fascia and flush out inflammation. *cost reflects the discount for payment at time of service
90 minute session
90 minutes is ideal. Especially if this is our first time working together. 90 minutes allows us time to address the full body, unwind fascia restrictions and locally treat areas of chronic or acute pain. *cost reflects the discount for payment at time of service
Medical Massage / MVA
Medically necessary massage to treat injuries related to a motor vehicle accident or other injury. Requires referral from a doctor or chiropractor. Insurance will be billed for MVA.

Post Partum Massage in your Home

Postpartum Massage for New Mamas
Deeply therapeutic body work scheduled during the first week or so after birth, in the comfort of your home. We will focus on areas of greatest tension and need according to your birth and postpartum experience. Often this includes releasing the strain in your upper body from the demands of a new baby as well as hip and low back work to make way for post birth recovery. *Must call to schedule*