How to book online:

(1) select massage title either for groupon or not
(2) The calender will be open showing ALL availability for BOTH locations.
(3) Ann Arbor Shelby Location: Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. (for groupon and non-groupon clients)
***Non-Groupon & Intuitive Energy Work only at the Ann Arbor Packard Location (Enlightened Soul Center): Thursdays and occasional Tuesdays

Please NOTE if you are using a groupon I only take groupons at the shelby ann arbor location (Fridays, saturdays, sundays and mondays) if you put a groupon titled massage on a different day an email will be sent to you asking to reschedule and the massage will be cancelled.

(Expired groupons: please select expired groupon title. An extra fee is due at time of service.)


Expired Groupons

Expired Groupon (Groupon + $35)
Choose this if your groupon is expired and you would still like to use the amount you paid toward a massage. A regular priced massage is $75- the price you paid aprox.( $36-$39) per groupon single massage. to round it up to ($40) so their still will be a charge of $35 at time of service in addition to the expired groupon to be redeemed.

no show, same day cancels

no show, same day cancel
There is a $15 charge for no show or same day cancelations. Less then 24 hr notice. Since i still have to pay for room time reserved. Plus it is a wasted hour that i could be having an appointment. This will be due on the day of your next scheduled massage. This is also stated in my website about no shows and cancelations.

Intuitive Energy Work: Enlightened Soul Center Only

Intuitive Energy Work (Thursdays)
At Enlightened Soul Center offering a mix of energy work modalities as described on the Enlightened Soul Centers website titled Intuitive Energy Work. Please check enlightened soul centers website for more information. Since sharing the same calendar this is the marker for those individual clients on Thursdays. This is not for groupon, yet for clients for that center guided to make an appointment for such. Thursdays 9am-3pm occasional Tuesday. ( If interested, please email or text for more information after looking at: https://www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com/readings-energy-work

Massage Ann Arbor Location

A2 First Massage Special (not combined with any other coupon)
I am offering a special for first massage for the price of $45. not to be combined with any other offer. First massage only. suggesting to friends and family would be great for them to try out the massage. this is for the swedish massage/ deep tissue combo

Groupon Massage (Friday, Sat., Sun. Mon. only)
Groupon massage at the ann arbor location off of Shelby only(fridays, saturdays, sundays and Mondays). If your groupon is expired their will be an extra charge associated with the massage; $75 minus the value you paid for the groupon. To be paid at the time of service. (Please choose expired groupon title if this is the case)

A2 Back Only
I will spend an hour doing massage just on your back. I will start with Myofascial release techniques then swedish massage mixed with deep tissue. I will also look for trigger points to release and apply light stretching.

A2: Face, Arms, Hands, Feet only
During this massage I will work on relaxing your hands, feet, arms and face muscles. This is mixed with mindful reflexology for the feet, deep muscle release for the hands and Light lymph drainage for the face/neck area and a light face massage. The arms we will work on relieving stress from. This is an hour session

A2 Swedish Massage
Applying light, medium or deep pressure Swedish massage. The affect is for relaxation, overall circulation and to help melt away stress. This can include stomach massage, face massage and foot reflexology upon request. Location in Ann Arbor.

A2 Massage Deep Tissue
Deep tissue works deeply in the muscle to work out knots and tight muscles in focused areas. Sometimes combined with myofascial release and swedish massage. Deep Tissue Massage / Swedish Massage Combo Deep Tissue massage is used primarily on clients selected areas of concern. Deep pressure is used to release the muscle, as well as, trigger point techniques and muscle release techniques. In turn the muscle is released yet, is sometimes sore afterwards. This is then combined with light, medium or deep pressure massage to help surrounding area muscles to allow the concerning muscles to relax. Sometimes it takes several sessions to create the relief the client is searching for. Location: Ann Arbor

A2 Senior, Veterans, Client Appreciation Card
Swedish or deep tissue massage. Senior discount. Over 65. Or a veteran, policemen, firemen, paramedic. includes client appreciation card massages (Price Varies on that)

A2 Massage Specials: Next 3 for $150
Select this if you have or want to purchase 3 massages for $150 at the time of service. This will be of your choice of a relaxing swedish massage or a swedish mixed with deep tissue. This can include overall massage or Reiki. 3 for $150 within 3months time. @ $50 each when selected. Location: Ann Arbor

Reiki only: Ann Arbor Shelby Location

A2 Reiki
An Energy technique based on the principle that the therapist connects to Chi and allows the energy to flow to the client. Each practitioner is uniquely sensitive to the clients energy. Amy is especially sensitive via the Byosen Reiki technique. Which allows her to sense intuitively where energy is lacking. The client can either request to hear what she senses along the way or just receive the Reiki in silence and allow what may to unfold from the energy experience. Amy is a Reiki Master and works to clear the clients chakras intuitively and works specifically to unblock areas of the body that are lacking energy flow. As each client is unique, so is the energy story we all hold. Amy will provide a sheet on concerning energy areas to the client to be worked on. The client is fully clothed during these sessions and this is a non-touch energy experience for the client.( trained by Eve Wilson and Sue-Burton-Hidalgo & Bruce Fagan) In Ann Arbor Location


Ann Arbor Shelby Location:
Mondays 10am - 4:30pm
Fridays 9am - 4:30pm
Saturdays 10am - 5pm
Sundays 2:30pm - 5pm

Ann Arbor Packard Location at enlightened soul center (non-groupon) and for Intuitive energy work:
Thursdays 10am-3pm, Occasional Tuesdays 10am-3pm


Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express

Additional Info

Amy Feger LMT. License # 7501009012 A graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute, in Southfield Michigan with 640 hrs of training. She is skilled as a Reiki Master and has training in Myofascial Release I, Trigger Point Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Kahi Loa and Swedish Massage among other modalities. Amy hopes to further integrate the benefits of the use of energy work and into the overall therapeutic massage. If energy work is not for you, no worries as each massage is tailored to the clients preferences and therapeutic needs. Amy is organizer of Crystal Heart Initiate Meetup in Ann Arbor along with Bruce Fagan, She was also invited to play her bowls and share guided meditation at the recent Enlightened and Empowered Expo in downtown Detroit this year in 2016 and at The Corinthians Center in Jackson, MI in 2017. Amy also offers energy work sessions jointly with Reiki Master and Shaman Bruce Fagan and Rev. She is also a Shaman student of life and Recently obtained the Reiki Master Teacher certification and in 2018 has been ordained as a Priest under the order of Melchizedek by Reverend Daniel Chesbro of The Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. of the State of New York. Her interests include building her intuitive skills, meditation and sound healing. Currently. Amy hopes to one day open her own center. With focus on Massage, Energy Work, Sound Healing and Meditation. Before becoming a massage therapist Amy also received an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design in 2007 and was twice over recognized as a National Deans Honor Student with a background as an expert design reviewer for Concept Feedback. With dabs in as a digitial artist as well.