increases energy & mental clarity * improves concentration * reduces stress & anxiety * relieves muscle tension/stiffness * improves posture * improves mobility & flexibility * improves breathing & circulation* strengthens the immune system * balances the digestive system * improves sleep * helps to remove lactic acid & toxins * supports the lymphatic system * decreases high blood pressure * relieves eye strain, headaches & migraines * creates space for emotional release from the muscles

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A blend between Swedish, Lomi Lomi and treatment massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. (60/90 minutes)

Sports Massage
Sports massage is treatment-focused work. Common goals include range-of-motion improvement, reduction in muscle adhesions, and structural release. Requires active participation. (30/60 minutes)

Focusing on head, hands, and feet, this massage style is for those uncomfortable with touch, people relearning safe touch, and survivors of trauma. Crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, and sound commonly accompany this massage. (30/60 minutes)

Mobile Massage - Established Clients Only
A session at a location of your choice. Best for those with limited mobility and accessibility to transportation and/or childcare. (60/90 minutes)

Meditation & Massage
Start and end a blended massage with guided meditation focused on bringing health and clearing stuck energy. (90 minutes)

A treatment for patients who suffer from TMJ dysfunction. Working the muscles of the chest, neck, face, and mouth in a specific pattern repositions the jaw and commonly relieves clenching, painful clicking, and excess tension; migraines, chronic sinus problems, head injuries, whiplash, and strains from orthodontia or after-effects from dental surgery; headaches, chronic ear congestion, tinnitus, emotional trauma, and chronic face and neck pain. (5-8 week treatment plan suggested)


By appointment only. Limited sessions available for online booking. Inquire about additional scheduling


Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa
Discounts Available to: Students, Caregivers, and in situations of hardship