We offer relief from muscle aches and pain.


Tone Massage

Therapeutic Massage
Includes Warm herbal back pack, a combination of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, some Stretching and various modalities as needed, using a blend of therapeutic essential oils, to aid in muscle ease, relieving chronic muscular pain, reducing inflammation, generating effective relief, and balancing the body's natural wavelength.

Therapeutic Hot Stones
Hot river stone massage is a great way to relieve stress, detoxify the body, improve circulation, and allow your muscles to melt away. We use unscented, organic lotion or unrefined pure coconut oil during the session. Great during the fall and winter months or anytime your body needs to recuperate!

Relaxing Swedish Massage
A tranquil massage, using a relaxing Lavender lotion, and classic Swedish strokes, helping in blood circulation, calming of tension, and leaving you with an overall sense of well-being.

Oncology Massage
Helps patients whom experience side effects from cancer and/or treatments via modifications of existing massage therapy techniques. (Swedish, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Comfort Massage)

Fire Fighters & Police Offiers 60- 90
For our local Dallas Fire Fighters and Police Officers. Thank you for serving our communities. You receive a Special Rate in appreciation of your service.

Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage
The expectant mother should be 14 weeks before receiving this calming one hour massage. Long, slow Swedish strokes will help with aching hip, low back muscles and neck tension for a better night's sleep. *Unscented oil or organic lotion is used.

Orthopedic/Manual Therapy: focus on treating painful soft tissue of the body, using manual techniques.

TMJ/TMD Treatment
The temporomandibular joint may show some signs of dysfunction relating to the jaw...ie, clicking, popping, cheek muscle fatigue, headache, pain behind the eyes, just to name a few. *Inter-oral techniques may be used.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)-Single Sessions

Lower Extremities-Hip, Low Back, Legs, Feet
Hip, Low Back Pain, Legs, etc.

Upper Extremities-Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms/Hands
Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

Stretching Session
Stretching helps improve flexibility and range of motion (ROM) in the joints. It improves posture, injury prevention, sports performance, and offers stress relief. * You should wear comfortable attire. No oil/lotion used.

Sole of the Foot Treatment
Includes Reflexology; Plantar Fascial Release; Relaxing foot massage: various modalities and tools could be used, ie hot stones, cupping, hot towels, deep tissue, stripping, trigger point therapy.

Add-Ons to your services

Uses suction on the skin to lift the adhesions or congested tissue which uses negative pressure and the effects increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation systemically, relaxes muscle tissue, draws toxins from the body and releases pain causing factors. Benefits everyone, especially athletes or those with chronic pain. (Please tell your massage therapist that you would like to add this to your service.)

Hot Rockin' Roll Stones
Add 6 hot stones, to ease back and neck tension, to your full body relaxing or therapeutic massage service. (Please tell your massage therapist that you would like to add this to your service.)

Peppermint Scalp Massage
Add the refreshing scent of peppermint used in a massage and feel the minty tingle on your scalp! (Please tell your massage therapist that you would like to add this to your service.)

Premier Package

Premier Package-Various Time Sessionss 30m, 45m, 60m, 90m
Includes Prenatal; Therapeutic; Hot Stones; Cupping; Sports; ROM Stretching; Sole of Foot Treatment; TMJD Treatment: 30m (10sessions); 45m (6 sessions); 60m(5 sessions); 90m (3 sessions) *First half prepaid; Balance due after first session* RECOMMENDED time sessions: 30 mins: Cupping; ROM stretching,;TMJD Treatment-- 45 mins: ROM Stretching; Sports; Sole of Foot Treatment; Cupping; TMJD Treatment--60 mins: Pre-Natal; Therapeutic; Hot Stones; Cupping; Sports--90 mins: Pre-Natal; Therapeutic; Hot Stones (EX: You will receive six (6) sessions of TMJD Treatments at 45 minutes per session, usually scheduled consecutively) ***ALL Premier packages MUST be used within 90 days.*** Package allows you to choose duration. Session times may NOT be switched. May split payment in half.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage-10 Sessions Package

MLD Packages 1; 2; or 3
A unique, gentle technique that helps drain or move the lymph fluid towards the heart. Helps especially with lymphodema. Pkg 1: Includes 10/ 90 minute sessions of manual lymphatic drainage with a brush treatment. This package is offered for frequent recommended sessions. (ex 2-3xs/week) $1,200 Pkg 2: Same as above only 5/ 60 minute sessions. $560 Pkg3: Same as above only 3/60 minute sessions. $400


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Formerly known as Tone ~Artistic Massage