I am a certified massage therapist with a degree in advanced neuromuscular massage therapy from the National Holistic Institute. I have 1350 classroom hours as well as over 30 continuing education hours through Rocktape.

I am highly skilled and qualified to deliver a high quality, science based massage using anatomy, kinesiology, and some of the latest pain science to help you hurt less, move more, and live better. I am also qualified to do orthopeadic tests for various injuries and then do bodywork accordingly to address and help with the healing process.

In addition to bodywork, as mentioned I am additionally educated through Rocktape to provide Functional Movement Assessments and then train clients to move in a more functional manner using: kinesiotape, athletic bands, foam rolling, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, and assigning corrective actions.

For inquiries about any services please contact me. All additional information can be found at www.mcclurebodyworks.com

Thank you and I am awaiting your appointment.



1 Hour Therapeutic Massage

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage

2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage

Functional Movement Technique

Functional Movement Screening and Taping


9am-9pm Saturdays


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