Vickie is a Canadian trained osteopath.


Manual Therapy And Evaluation

Manual Therapy
Each session is tailored to your individual health care needs. A variety of massage and osteopathic techniques will be designed within one treatment to address issues of specific rehab or general maintenance. I will discuss with you ahead of time which time frame is appropriate for your condition. All you have to do is click on a time to book your appointment. The shorter timeframes are to target specific areas when you don't have time to address the whole body. A 15 minute session is appropriate for consultations.

45 minutes
CPT code 97140 billable in 15 minute increments

Graston Technique
Soft tissue injuries can be debilitating and frustrating. Graston Technique® (GT) is successful in effectively treating all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic, acute or post surgical. I use these instruments to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions during rehabilitation and to administer effective range of motion maintenance programs. The non-invasive technique uses specially designed stainless steel instruments to help the clinician identify and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Kinesio Taping
Pick the 30 minute option for evaluation and treatment. If you are returning to re-tape then pick the 15 minute option.


Wednesday through Friday


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