Dave Moore is an experienced senior Massage and soft tissue therapist


Remedial Massage

Standard 60 minuite Remedial Massage
Following testing, application of Massage and related techniques to address a presenting condition such as stiff neck or back pain

90 Min Remedial Massage
extended time

2 hour Remedial Massage

30 Minute remedial Massage
Not recommended, but a quick fix of a specific problem such as sore shoulders

Deep tissue Massage
NOT HARD MASSAGE! A slower technique addressing problems with tissue deeper in the body

Relaxation Massage

60 minute relaxation massage
Using slow gentle strokes to relax the whole body not claimable from health funds

90 Minute Relaxation massage
A longer gentle relaxation massage using scented balms. Not claimable from health funds

2 hour Relaxation Massage
The ultimate pampering massage, A slow gentle, full body massage with scented balms and warm oils, your choice of music or silence and subdued lighting on request.

Sports Massage

Sports massage
The skilled application of massage and associated techniques specific to your sport as an adjunct to training and to aid in post event or injury recovery


Kinesio (R) Taping
Following comprehensive testing, using patented elastic tape in a precise manner to aid in pain relief, bruising and swelling reduction and correction of muscle function imbalances.

Functional Fascial Taping (R)
An Australian technique employing rigid sports tape to aid in recovery of sub-acute injuries (as developed for the Australian Ballet)

Sports strapping
using Sports Medicine Australia approved techniques to aid in the recovery from and prevention of common sports injuries


10:00 AM to 8:30 PM Strictly by appointment only


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Other times may be available y special arrangement, call during business hours to discuss