Couples Massage
In partnership with Professional Therapeutic Massage. Sessions can be Friday 4 and 6, or Saturday 10 and noon

Thai Rocking Table Massage
Thai energy massage concepts and effects are utilized on the table by rocking and opening energy lines.

Oncology Massage
Therapeutic Massage based on specific needs for those living with cancer.

Cranial Sacral
Massage that alleviates stress and pain by working with sacrum, spine, and skull with gentle, non-invasive touch.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Light, non-invasive massage to relieve edema and lymphedema due to sports injuries, surgery, cancer effects. This technique has been found to help those with muscular degenerative disorders and diseases, immune system impairments, and chronic health conditions.

Myofascial Release
Slow, focused massage to allow applying gentle, sustained pressure to store muscle function and connective tissue to reduce pain and restore function - John F Barns

I combine general Swedish massage techniques with Reflexology and Thai massage techniques. This massage is rhythmic and calms the nervous system.

Add Ons

Hot Stones

Himalayan Salt Stones


10 am - 6pm


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