At Heather Seamone Registered Massage Therapist, there is an emphasis on creating a relaxing environment in order to assist with the healing process. Conveniently located in a home in Mimico, there is easy access to free street parking and a quiet, professional environment. Practitioners work with the client to determine the best treatment options for their condition through orthopedic testing and communication. Often times, home exercises are recommended so the client can further improve their well-being.


Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue
A firmer pressure massage to eliminate muscular pain and tension. Deep tissue work is beneficial for athletes to train at optimal performance, and helps people recover from discomfort felt deep within the muscles.

Swedish Massage
Rhythmic, flowing Swedish massage techniques are used to help induce relaxation, relieve pain and reduce discomfort.

Ashiatsu is an ancient and therapeutic form of barefoot massage. Swedish or therapeutic deep tissue techniques leave the client feeling incredibly relaxed.

This massasge offer improved circulation, decreased swelling in the feet and hands, decreased pain from pregnancy related conditons like sciatica and carple tunnel syndrome, and general relaxation.

Infant / Baby
Helps baby establish mind and body connection, and improves the bond between baby and parent. The parent will be taught massage techniques to treat baby.

Hot Stone
Hot Stone Therapy uses Basalt stones which are natural stones formed as lava cools. All the earth's elements go into creating these healing stones. They have a magnetic field, helping to re-balance your energy centres, promote grounding. increase circulation, and relieve muscle tension while providing a relaxing therapeutic massage.


10am - 7:00pm Monday - Friday
9:45am - 12:00pm Saturdays & Sundays


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