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The Yellow Room


We are a group of dedicated and passionate physiotherapists who practice within the Toronto Community Acupuncture clinic in the east end of Toronto. We are trained in a variety of treatment methods including myofasical release, women’s health, persistent pain management, pilates, and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a highly specialized and evidence-based form of physiotherapy treatment. Pelvic health concerns are far too common and rarely talked about. Many men and women suffer silently without realizing that there are effective, evidence-based treatment solutions.

We offer one-on-one physiotherapy care and work with you to achieve optimal recovery.


Mondays 4 - 8pm
Tuesdays 8am - Noon
Wednesdays 3 - 7pm
Fridays 2 - 4pm
Saturdays 10am - 4pm


27 Davies Ave (Located in the Toronto Community Acupuncture Clinic), Toronto, Ontario M4M 2A9 Canada