The Flow

Swedish Flow
Swedish Flow integrates meditative breathing techniques with Swedish style manual therapy. Perfect for clients experiencing muscular tension caused by dis-stress, increased nerve firing and irritability. Performed on conventional massage table. Premium cremes, lotions and oils are used to enhance skin benefits!

Aroma Flow
Using essential oils in massage has a long and connected history. Beyond the fragrant joy, essential oils have been studied extensively and have been shown to provide emotional, and physical benefits. We hand-craft our own balms using premium ingredients! Air/Fire-Energizing, uplifting Water/Earth-Connecting, nurturing Pain Relief-Soothing, relieving

Deep Flow
Targeted and deeper work into the tissues often using tools such as cupping, hot or cold stones for point work, joint mobility and vibration, etc. Perfect choice for those who are active and experience muscle fatigue, tightness in the fascia with active trigger points.

Thai Massage

Tok Sen Massage
Tok Sen is a unique and effective form of Thai Massage that originated in the Lanna region of Northern Thailand. Tok refers to ‘hammer’ and ‘Sen’ refers to the energy lines as envisioned by Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM). The tools are wooden and they produce a warming vibrational energy as the hammer strikes the pestle in a soothing and rhythmic motion. Tok Sen works deep along the sen lines to promote energy flow. It is also very effective in relieving tight fascia and trigger points! This therapy is often used with warming oils to help relieve tight and stiff muscles.

Traditional Mat-Style Thai Massage
Performed on a traditional mat on the floor. The client is fully clothed. Session length enhances the full benefits of energetic bodywork with active clients looking to increase performance, flexibility and sense of well-being.

Thai Foot Massage
Continuing the energy work through the sen lines and reflex points on the feet, Thai foot massage offers a therapeutic approach that helps tone ligaments/tendons and fascia in the feet and ankles. Warm, soothing foot bath begins this relaxing experience! Includes Sa Wan(steamed herbal compress)

Thai Foot Massage and Paraffin Treatment
Our hands and feet carry us through the day and perform all sorts of tasks! Plantar foot pain, neuropathy, arthritis and many other painful disorders all put a damper on our ability to care for ourselves. This combination treatment can help restore circulation, reduce pain and soften skin!

Chair Massage

Off-Site Chair Massage
Chair Massage performed at off site location. Minimum allotted time is 2 hours (120 minutes) plus travel time

Chair Massage
Thai massage and myo-skeletal techniques are combined to provide effective relief from tension and dis-tress. This can be a great lunchtime option or part of corporate wellness program! Because of the affordable price, there is 15 minute minimum when using this treatment option.

Soothing Warmth

Paraffin Wrap Treatment
Soothe the aching joints in your hands, elbows and feet. The warm penetrating heat of paraffin helps ease joint pain and restore circulation/mobility and softens skin! Perfect for arthritis sufferers, craftspeople, drummers and post-surgical recovery. Add this treatment with Thai Foot Massage for an enhanced experience!


Reiki Flow™
Reiki Flow layers the intentional flow of Reiki energy over Swedish style massage techniques. This is ideal for clients who enjoy the benefits of Reiki and soothing massage strokes

Energy based calming technique that works on the energy centers of the physical body. Many claim it's healing power for man different ailments and health concerns. This is a gentle laying-of-the-hands technique that is safe and non-invasive.60

Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch™
Gentle Touch is a special respite care program for caregivers and their loved ones. This service provides free paraffin wrap treatment with therapeutic foot massage. This is a wonderful and soothing service for : Caregivers for in home loved ones such as parents, spouses or children with chronic mobility and psychosocial health needs Seniors who are provided in-home personal care and would benefit from affordable, easy access healthcare service. Seniors who are independent but are at risk for social isolation


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