We are a team of professional, California State Certified Massage Therapists highly trained in assessing and treating orthopedic pain and dysfunction.  We integrate orthopedic manual therapy, Hendrickson’s Method®, Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial Release, neuromuscular techniques and Foundation Training to treat soft tissue injuries and pain. Our work is unique and unparalleled in its effectiveness. We are the premier place on the Peninsula for Hendrickson Method and Foundation Training. Come experience results!


Orthopedic and Sports Therapy

New Client Visit
Clients new to our office must have an initial visit, typically 75 minutes (90 minutes for more complex cases). Therapist and client will discuss, assess and treat the presenting condition, while creating an appropriate treatment protocol for Follow Up sessions. Session may include any combination of modalities the Therapist deems appropriate for the presenting condition. Please call to book.

Existing Clients - 60 minute session
Our standard follow up treatment length, most often chosen by both practitioner and client.

Existing Clients - 45 minute session
This session length is best suited for a more specific treatment focus.

Existing Clients - 30 minute session
Exclusively used for acute conditions requiring attention and treatment on a more frequent basis to address and alleviate extreme discomfort due to excessive pain from inflammation, muscular guarding/splinting, nerve compression, etc. Usually used multiple times per week (up to 3 with a minimum of one day in between). If you are unsure, please call us to discuss your condition.

This service is limited to existing, pre-approved clients. Please email or call our office for assistance with booking.

Foundation Training

Private FT - Studio
An excellent opportunity to receive that individual attention for your unique needs. Our instructors will help you fine tune your practice and help you move up on the wellness scale. Also pairs well following a therapy session with one of our soft tissue experts.

Private FT "Plus One" - Studio
Bring your BFF and be empowered in your practice as you each receive individual instruction from our expert movement integrators, while you support each other through the process.

Private FT - 60 min outcall
One on one Foundation Training at your location.

FT - Corporate
Foundation Training for you and your staff! Set up a recurring FT session or a corporate workshop at your space. Learn how to get out of pain and stay out of pain with microbreaks throughout your day. Effectively increase productivity while boosting good office vibes and camaraderie. Call us to discuss duration and pricing options for your group.


7:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Our clients benefit on many levels from the range of education and experience our team of therapists have to offer.